Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Frontage Road Meets the Freeway

Education is a journey that can take many paths. An “alternative” education is one that takes the experiential and scenic routes through the varied landscapes of learning as compared to the fast paced straight and narrow freeway thoroughfares of traditional education. The philosophies, passions, and practices of the former are grounded in the belief that students thrive when they have influence over the content, style, and assessment of their own learning. The latter, in drastic contrast usually follows a prescribed one-size-fits-all model where individuality is the exception and conformity is crucial to the efficacy of the system.  Visualize, then, the onramp from the frontage road to the freeway -- where those drivers who are accustomed to the pace and peace of the rural route are merging with the tunnel-visioned drivers who are accustomed to the speed and straight lanes of endless interstate.

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