Sunday, September 12, 2010

Arriving Home and Taking Root
After meeting the students, parents, and colleagues at DCS, I realize that I was likely separated at birth from my true family and now I'm back home again. My teaching practice had become a bit sterilized by the pressures of large-institution protocols and yet I barely knew it -- frog in the heating water syndrome. As I've assimilated into DCS, I find my core beliefs about teaching surfacing and taking root in the fertile soils of this school's philosophies, practices, and personalities. There is likely to be much growth during this first year, and I feel great about it.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Getting Fired Up for Fall
Starting in the middle of August I will be embarking on a journey into a landscape that is new to me but looks very exciting. Adventure awaits and it is accompanied by a bit of trepidation and insecurity. I am accustomed to "having it all together" as each year starts -- a solid course outline, a plethora of tried-and-true lessons, and an efficient set of procedures and routines for almost anything. So, this coming year will be a test of my versatility, trust, and the strength of my convictions that student-centered cross-curricular educational practices.
Many pages of my website are new and in (very) draft form.... brain-dump level notes from and to myself. But the strong structure and endless cabinets (digital and actual) upon which I could draw daily activities and curricular context doesn't exits yet. So, for this first year of teaching ELA and PhySci I think that it will be best to focus on creating great lessons and learning experiences rather than on creating the "ultimate game plan" for the entire year. I have 3 weeks to go so I better start gettin' to work.

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